Careers with us

Careers with us

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If you love fashion and interaction with people, if you want to get an opportunity for professional growth while working in a new shopping mall of international format, join The Outlet Moscow team.


Now hiring:

Silver SpoonContacts: 8-495-785-81-32 or info@kidswear.ru 

Agent ProvocateurContacts: 8-965-376-23-63, Ekaterina

MarellaContacts: 8-495-935-72-34, ab@stellacity.ru, Bychkovskaya Alina

SunsoloContacts: 8-964-392-41-62, 8-812-986-74-74, aegna@sp.ru, Olga

Michael KorsCoachContacts: 8-495-980-65-89, 8-916-069-90-12, HR department of BNS Group


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Currently hiring:

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