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Calvin Klein underwear line appeared in 1982. At that time, the collection consisted only of men's models, and over the next few years, the range was expanded with clothing for women and children. The most simplified, sporty silhouettes and basic colors have become the main principles when creating collections. The only acceptable decoration on bras and underpants was a wide elastic band with the Calvin Klein logo. Designers also embody the aesthetics set by the iconic underwear line in swimwear and swimming trunks: clean and rich colors, minimalistic silhouettes and the brand's logo as the only print. A favorite design technique of the brand's team — color block - allows you to favorably place accents on the figure and make swimsuits and swimming trunks noticeable. Iconic men's and women's models are duplicated in children's collections: for boys — shorts with a logo-decorated elastic band, for girls - a set of swimming trunks and a top with the brand's logo.



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